Friday, January 24, 2014

Fortune cookies.

At first the idea of a page inspired by a fortune cookie seemed a tad cleché. I didnt actually feel inspired at first, it was hard to see any real relationship between my fortunes. There seemed to be two sides forming in the views of the messages. One side seemed to be giving buisness related advice. While the other side seemed to have more of a phyciological side. This reminded me of the everlasting struggle between creativity and the stiffelment of imaginitive minds.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mass Production.

In art we had to chose one object from a table and draw in on a  4 by 6 piece of paper. Then we transferred the drawing onto a 4 by 6 piece of rubberish material. After which point we carved around our lines and created a print. By inking the print we were able to make many of these patterns at a time.

This is interesting because we usually only see art as a painting that was done once and made famous. But in this case the original is no longer original and it becomes one of many. Personally this is a tad odd for me. Because I always that originality is what made art special. Yet by mass producing these, it adds another aspect that I can't quite understand.

Three times the art?

This art project was the idea of having to let things go. And to be able to work in such conditions as to have no foreseeable control over the future. The main challenge in my opinion was the idea that you had to be rather expendable with what you are given. The idea that you can't prepare yourself for what you want to do or are going to do is rather frustrating. However, in the end I believe that the experience was fun and rewarding. It makes you think on the spot, which is challenging yet surprisingly fun.