Friday, November 15, 2013


In class, we are making a collection out of blue things. We are seeing the things that many artists such as Kristan Bott see. What is artful about a collection? Why does it give you that feeling of accomplishment? We aim to find out. So far it (for some odd reason) brightens my day to come into a table of blue items. Here is a link to an article about Mr. Bott.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Collecting or Hoarding?

What's the difference? I remember having a mismatched collection of to-be thrown away things (popped balloons, plastic, newspaper pictures, unused straws, etc...). Hoarding is what I consider an unhealthy obsession. Whereas a collection is something you do because you are intrigued by what you collect. For example,  I was fascinated by the prospect of people throwing things away. Now adays i collect soda tabs. Not because it's an obsession. But because I find them interesting and fun to collect.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Colored Pencils VS Regular Pencils.

We have done a drawing with regular pencils. And one with colored pencils. While the colored pencils give a more eye-catching look. I prefer the depth of the regular pencils. One thing about the colors I do really like is the waxy, mixable feeling they have. It just feels more finished with the regular pencils. However, maybe as I continue to explore the possibilities of coloring, they may become my choice of drawing.

That jar of candy we can't eat...

Other than a method of torture, it's also our next drawing. This time however, we're using colored pencils as opposed to regular pencils. This added an entirely new range of possibilities. The colors have such a different, waxy feel. They make the glass actually look like glass. Allowing a more playful design.

Learning to ride a bike. Wait, that's not right.

Drawing a bike like the ones she showed us seemed impossible. The shading, the lines, the. proportion, the other art related words. I had no idea how long shading took. I thought it was; draw lines and add stuff. Aparently, there was a lot more than that. As we continued with value, I saw how much my drawing was affected by it. This opened a whole new set of paths for my future drawing.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Welcome Post!

Hello, this is a blog devoted to my class in the creative arts! There will be pictures of projects, links to sites, and more!