Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Coffee Mugs

One of the most important things that occupies my thoughts would have to be physics. It just amazes me that it can help explain the universe. While reading about the universe once, I came across a theory on space time. It suggests that all matter can exist in a cylindrical state that keeps it existent while still allowing for expansion. The only problem was that this may collapse on itself. To solve this conundrum, it was suggested that there was a stretch of matter forming a stabilizer. The visual aid made it look just like a  coffee mug.

So continuing on with this, the idea is that time is a tad loosely interpreted. Basically, the future already happened, but is different than the past based on the perception of intelligent organisms. The stretch forms a tube that cycles matter in and out throughout the universe. The strange thing is that if one is in the tube, time has no actual substance. And anything happening (or that already happened for that matter) is possible. So if we live in this place, my future could have already happened, and I'm living life backward. Or that energy actually moves opposite how we perceive it.

It really makes me think about our time here and the free use of information. Who knows why we're really here? Or if we are even really here. But really, that just makes me want to learn and experience more. So my totem pole is going to try to wrap it's own mindful being around my personal questions.