Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Le Box.

So the idea of this project was to make a time capsule and place items in it. The objects we chose were meant to reflect us as a person at this stage in life. Let's get this started by listing some items and their purpose.

Fortune Cookie: This was a requirement for our box and I like the idea. We aren't going to open it until we open the box.
Physics Joke: As this blog most likely mentioned before, I love physics. So it only seems proper that there should be a physics reference in here.
A Rock: Ok there's more story here than just a rock. One day, some obscure company was putting these ads out on people's steps. They used rocks to hold them to the ground. I picked one up and decided to take it. That one turned into two, which turned into three... And so on until I had seven. So I chose the one I liked best and placed it in there. It reminds me what fun it is to have some, well, fun every once in a while. I'm not going to be a kid forever, so I guess I'm supposed to enjoy it now.
Me' Bloody Grade: This is an art grade I got back, but then I accidentally got my blood on it from I can't remember where, I believe a paper cut.

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